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Regardless of their shape, size and function, the balé remains an integral part of the Balinese architectural scene. Marvelously flexible and beautiful to behold, they are indeed gems in an island full of wonders.

Located on the right end side of the pool, the large open-sided ‘Balé’ (Gazebo) at Casa Del Mar provides an ideal shady area to escape the heat during the day and enjoy a little siesta while gently rocking in the hammock suspended on the cliff’s edge overlooking the cool blue ocean.

The rhythm of the waves beneath washes away any stresses that were not properly left at home. In its cadence is the promise of solitude needed for regeneration and rejuvenation..

CDM - Gazebo Night

With its imposing/large wooden dining table and oversized wooden bench, the Gazebo can easily welcome 16 guests for a nice diner party at the Villa or a relaxing lunch during the day.

For something different, why not tie the knot while using the Balé as your own private Chapel hovering above the Indian Ocean as if in a bubble – All the ingredients of a perfect wedding day..

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Sometimes you just want a vacation that is not about travel or sightseeing or cultural activities. Sometimes you just want – no, need – to sit back, do nothing, and not feel the least bit guilty about it. Perhaps it is the sole purpose for Casa Del Mar to exist. Breakfast in your room, lunch by the pool, and happy hour in one of the local bars. Not that doing “nothing” is just about eating and drinking; there will also be walks on the beach, shallow-water snorkelling, and a relaxed afternoon of lounging by the saltwater pool..

Swimming Pool

Rattan sun lounges & umbrellas await you by the pale green topaz pool for a morning, afternoon or nighttime swim.

Framed by a wooden decking and emerald grass, the 15m x 3m swimming pool is one of the main features of the Villa. A breath (stroke) away from the wild ocean, its clear water is a delight to soak in.

A round shaped lava stone fire pit sitting in the middle of the white palimanan stone pathway leading to the pool, functions as the ideal transition between the verandah and the pool deck, with its night flame blazing after dusk to illuminate the way.

CDM - Swimming Pool & Flowers


Casa Del Mar offers a harmonious combination of natural elements – water, stone, wood and lush green foliage.

Buddha Statue

A variety of palm trees – some tall, others relatively low-lying with feathery fronds – contribute to the overall form and shape of the scene, while a profusion of rhoes, ferns, pandanus, and many other specimens are used as ground covers. These two elements combined with imaginative decorative plantings, result in a gorgeous natural panorama of brilliant greens and reds. A haven in the midst of the luxuriant vegetation, a well-kept lawn of intense green gives balance and solidity to this artistic landscape composition.


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